Grafoid Inc.is a world leading graphene R&D, applications development and technology licensing company. It produces graphene and processes for transformative, industrial-scale graphene applications in partnership with leading corporations and institutions around the world. Grafoid targets four emerging graphene commercialization sectors: energy creation and storage, composites, coatings and membrane applications and technology. Grafoid is a privately held Canadian corporation founded in 2011. Headquartered in Kingston Ontario, Grafoid’s Global Technology Centre (GGTC), houses the company’s production facilities for Grafoid’s proprietary suite of Mesograf™ graphene products, it’s research facilities in material science applications, and a development center for JV application development.

For more information: www.grafoid.com

TechnoSpex Pte Ltd is a manufacturer and developer specializing in micro-spectroscopy for both scientific and industrial markets. We provide complete systems or compact modules that integrate seamlessly with the most upright dark field, polarization, DIC and/or fluorescence microscopes, with mapping capability option. Our uRaman and uSight series of products provide users with state-of-the-art spectroscopy measurement down to 1um spot size with research grade performance, and yet remains highly compact and affordable.

For more information: www.technospex.com

Haydale is a global technologies and materials group that facilitates the integration of nanomaterials into the next generation of commercial technologies and industrial materials. With expertise in graphene, silicon carbide and other nanomaterials, Haydale is able to deliver improvements in electrical, thermal and mechanical properties, as well as toughness. Haydale has granted patents for its technologies in Europe, USA and China and operates from four facilities in the UK, USA and the Far East.

For more information: www.haydale.com

Aseptec  Sdn Bhd is a distributor of WITec for high-resolution optical and scanning probe microscopy solutions for scientific and industrial applications. WITec’s product line features scanning near-field optical microscopy using unique cantilever technology, confocal Raman Imaging and Scanning Electron Microscopy designed for the highest sensitivity and resolution, and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) for materials research and nanotechnology. The modular design of WITec microscopes allows the combination of these techniques. Thus not only chemical information, but also structural and topographic information can be acquired at the same time and on the same sample area using one instrument and one operating system—all from the same manufacturer. WITec’s innovations in Spectroscopy, Materials Characterization and Atomic Force Microscopy continue to redefine what is possible for a wide variety of optical, structural, and chemical imaging techniques.

For more information: aseptec.com.my

Abalonyx AS is a Norway based SME engaged in production and R&D related to graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide since 2008. We produce and sell single layer graphene oxide (GO) and thermally reduced graphene oxide (rGO) in Kg-quantities and are presently developing a process for remediation of water contaminated with heavy metals and radionuclides based on a GO-based scavenger-system. We are also involved in collaborative development of scaffolds for use in regenerative medicine as well as modified GO and rGO for use in composites for construction materials, certain sports equipment and energy storage. Our sister company, Graphene Batteries AS uses a special rGO-grade in its battery developments. We actively work with our customers to tune our GO and rGO to their needs.

For more information: www.abalonyx.no

Interscience was founded in 1978 under the auspices of the ITS Group of companies as a dedicated provider and integrator of scientific technology & solutions to meet the needs of our clients and industries. Interscience supports all major fields of scientific & medical endeavours essential to the progress of society. It provides general and specialized instruments from the top global brands, as well as scientific & medical infrastructure with the latest technologies from around the world.

One of Interscience scope of business is to cater for  Material Science and Nanotechnology solutions. Material Science has become a scientific frontier that continues to develop new and improves ways for people to improve the quality of life, revitalize our industrial complex and enable conservation and making better use of our resources. From metals, ceramics, semiconductors, polymers, composites, biomaterials to advanced materials, material science covers a broad range of applications in our daily life. We are able to provide the solutions with advanced scientific instruments for material behaviour and testing.  We are offering a wide range of advanced scientific instruments from sample preparations to analytical testing. Our preparative instruments range from polymer blending, sample coating and sample pre-treatment for electron microscopy, thermal analysis, surface analysis, particle size analysis, microscopy and Advance Raman spectroscopy analysis.

Interscience forges strong business foundations and long lasting relationships with both customers and principals in the scientific and medical communities. The company aims

to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction through our highly trained and experienced sales & marketing, project management and engineering team.

For more information: www.its-interscience.com


Crest was founded in 1999 whereby our foundation is built based on specialization in advanced microscopy imaging and leading-edge analytical solutions. Since its inception, Crest Group has grown to a team of more than 110 employees with a strong regional reputation of having the largest technical support group in SEA. Together with global key partners, Crest strive to provide customers market leading technological solutions in enabling important discoveries, enhancing imaging and analytical capabilities as well as achieving higher productivity. Our customers and applications include electronics, nanotechnology, material sciences, life sciences, academia, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing.

For more information: crest-group.net

In the National Innovation Council meeting on the 29th of October 2009 chaired by the Right Honorable Prime Minister, Nanotechnology was identified as one of the new growth engines for the New Economic Model (NEM).
On the 14th of February 2011, the National Innovation Council convened and agreed that a nanotechnology commercialisation agency was needed and corresponding activities must be aligned with Agensi Inovasi Malaysia's (AIM) initiatives.
NanoMalaysia Berhad was incorporated in 2011 as a company limited by guarantee (CLG) under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) to act as a business entity entrusted with nanotechnology commercialisation activities.
Some of its roles include:

  • Commercialisation of Nanotechnology Research and Development
  • Industrialisation of Nanotechnology
  • Facilitation of Investments in Nanotechnology
  • Human Capital Development in Nanotechnology
For more information: www.nanomalaysia.com.my

aNexus group of companies are the only established distributor, service provider and application center for functional material and technologies, including inkjet, coating, printing, photonic curing, nano imprint, CVD, graphene roll to roll and other advance technologies from research to production in Asia. Besides providing turnkey solutions, our line of products includes the leaders in respective field for printer, coater, flash lamp sintering system, inks, etc, i.e. Fujifilm Dimatix, Coatema, Aixtron, Xenon, and many more. We can provide equipment, material, process and turnkey start up solutions in the area of inkjet graphene, coated graphene, CVD graphene and 2D materials.

For more information: anexuscorp.com
Anton Paar develops, produces and distributes highly accurate laboratory instruments and process measuring systems, and provides custom-tailored automation and robotic solutions. It is the world leader in the measurement of density, concentration and CO2 and in the field of rheometry. Anton Paar GmbH is owned by the charitable Santner Foundation.
Over 2500 employees at the headquarters in Graz and the 26 sales subsidiaries worldwide ensure that Anton Paar products live up to their excellent reputation. The core competence of Anton Paar – high-precision production – and close contact to the scientific community form the basis for the quality of Anton Paar’s instruments.

For more information: www.anton-paar.com

MIMOS Semiconductor (M) Sdn. Bhd. is Malaysia’s forefront technology and R&D service provider in the Electrical and Electronics Industries in Malaysia and globally, with key focus in supporting the E&E ecosystem, Nano-Semiconductor Technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and 4th Industrial Revolution. As a strategic agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), MIMOS contributes in raising Malaysia’s competitiveness by pioneering market creation for Malaysian technopreneurs through patentable technology platforms, products and solutions. Serving a central role in Malaysia’s transformation journey in the Electrical and Electronics Vision, MIMOS Semiconductor (M) Sdn. Bhd. endeavors to create a culture of innovation by nurturing relationships with internal and external stakeholders, in the spirit of smart partnerships and inclusive growth models and strategies

For more information: www.mimos.my

Since 2003 E-tecs has been serving OEM/ODM needs for companies around the world.We are dedicated to providing Design and Manufacturing solutions for 2.4ghz Technology such as , Bluetooth, WiFi etc.

Year 2016 we establish our Graphene R&D centre for outdoor products and Kitchen items, Our Sub-contract Graphene manufacture was located in Mainland China and is able to produce relative Graphene raw materials from 1 layer to the above.

We also provide design house services for our clients who wish to distinguish themselves from the rest.Design services include Outlook, PCB Structure, Material Selection, Components Selection, Plastics, Developing, Testing and Certifications.

An experienced and well mannered Sales team is committed to bringing you 100% customer satisfaction and an excellent after sales service. They are fluent in English and Chinese to ensure effective communication and quick processing of your orders.

For more information: www.e-tecs.com

ADASTRA IP offers a ONE-Stop Centre in delivering quality, affordable, fast and reliable services to cater to the business’s IP needs.

Our Chairman, Mr. Adzli Shamsuddin is a certified  IP Valuer by the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) while our Managing Director, Mr. Mohan K was awarded  the ‘Best Patent Agent in 2012’ by the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO).

Together with our Directors,  our team with  various technical and legal background will be able to render professional support in addition to educating innovators and business owners, by providing invaluable advice on how to enforce or duly exploit your IP rights in Malaysia as well as  overseas.

Our services are:
IP Filing and Registration (Patent, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Plant Variety)
IP Analytics (Technology Landscaping, Prior Art & FTO Searches)
IP Commercialisation and Technology Transfer
IP Valuation (Certified IP Valuer)
IP Asset Management
Legal Services (IP Enforcement & Agreements)

or more information: adastraip.com


KASS International is an Intellectual Property (IP) boutique practice which offers an end-to-end solution for your IP   needs in Malaysia, the South East Asian region, and worldwide. Established at the forefront of IP since 1999, KASS is committed to the highest level of quality, professionalism and prompt service. With offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar, KASS handles a wide range of IP rights protection in the areas of Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Copyrights, Trade-Secrets/Confidential Information, Technology Licensing, Infringement Advice, Due Diligence, Commercialisation of IP rights, litigation support, and professional opinions and advice.  

- "One of the leading Intellectual Property (IP) firms in Malaysia" - based on surveys conducted by Managing Intellectual Property magazine, a Euromoney Publication, UK

- "One of the jurisdiction's few genuine patent drafters... progressive in terms of management" - Managing IP Handbook

- "One of Asia's top IP advisors" - as acknowledged by Asialaw Leading Lawyers survey

- "One of the top IP firms in Malaysia" - Chambers & Partners, UK

For more information, visit www.kass.com.my or drop an e-mail to kass@kass.com.my


PlaTCOM Ventures Sdn Bhd is the national technology commercialisation platform of Malaysia. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) formed in collaboration with SME Corporation Malaysia under one of its six High Impact Programmes (HIPs) in SME Master Plan 2012-2020.

PlaTCOM Ventures has a mission: to turn the creative ideas of our inventors and entrepreneurs into successful products and services that change the world.

PlaTCOM Ventures is designed to discover and support innovations wherever they may be, assess ideas very critically, explore them systematically, and turn the best ones into successful products and services. Rather than following traditional technology transfer models, PlaTCOM Ventures has designed a model that facilitates any segment of the entire commercialisation process (end-to-end facilitation) from idea to products and services. The whole approach will be market driven in supporting industrial innovation and competitiveness. The model is more suited to the innovation environment in the South East Asia region in providing commercialisation support for the fledgling businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs including those from academia and public research institutes.

PlaTCOM Ventures is not just another technology commercialisation initiative. It is a company with ‘national innovation’ at its core, and with creativity running through every detail of the way it is modeled, organised and operated. It is an association of restless individuals who will settle for nothing less that being at the leading edge of technology commercialisation thriving to help inventors and entrepreneurs to achieve commercial success.

PlaTCOM Ventures model was approved for implementation in December 2013 by the National SME Development Council (NSDC) of Malaysia and the Governance Council (GC) of Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM), both chaired by the YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak.

We aspire to become the best technology transfer and commercialisation platform in the ASEAN region by 2020.

We are passionately committed to helping Malaysian SMEs and research organisations in commercialising their innovations to create wealth, impact society, preserve our environment and improve the quality of human life.

•  Integrity
•  Professionalism
•  Efficiency
•  Excellence

By 2020:
•   To help a minimum of 300 Malaysian SMEs to commercialise their innovations
•   To facilitate a minimum of 250 licence deals
•   To become a self-sustainable entity

For more information, visit www.platcomventures.com


KDJLaw is a three-way merger between the combined expertise of Messrs. Arianti Dipendra Jeremiah, a strong Intellectual Property and Technology practice led by Suaran Singh Sidhu and Brian Law, and an experienced corporate team of Rodney Koh and Tay Kian Har. KDJLaw will allow us to bring a greater depth of experience, and diversity in expertise to the work that we do.

Our Expertise

KDJLaw is a multi-disciplinary legal practice, which offers specialised services, especially in these specific areas of law:

▪ Intellectual Property and Technology
▪ Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
▪ Corporate Commercial
▪ Banking and Finance
▪ Employment

The partners at KDJLaw are passionate in their field of work and bring to the table decades of experience. Our clients include multinationals, public listed companies, financial institutions, private sectors, and state-owned enterprises across a range of industry sectors.

We draw on our unique and specialised knowledge, plus in-depth understanding of the business environment in Malaysia to advise clients on ranges of legal issues. Our aim is to assist our clients in achieving their objectives as smoothly and efficiently as possible while minimising legal complications and regulatory risks. Our lawyers have portrayed promising track record in providing specialist legal services both domestic and cross border.


With over half a decade of professionalism and excellence in the burgeoning field of Intellectual Property, TEE IP aims to ensure the affordable protection of your best and brightest ideas domestically and in foreign lands. TEE IP’s vast overseas network, unique IP packages and competent insider staff (quality assured personnel, agents) combine speed, convenience and quality to give you the peace of mind you need for the safe registration of your inventions and innovations be they big or small.
Undefeated Record
TEE IP prides itself on a 4 year (2010-2014) winning streak in the arena of verbal ex-parte arguments and hearings of our client’s cases before the Intellectual Property of Malaysia (MyIPO).
Flexible IP Packages
Regardless of ideas requiring protection in ASEAN, the Far East or any other region of interest, TEE IP delivers affordable and dynamic packages for all your Intellectual Property needs.
Trusted Panel Agents
TEE IP remains a trusted and preferred panel consultant for the protection of the various intellectual properties that are churned from our local institutions of higher learning.
IP Office Experience
A former member within MyIPO, Mr. Tee, possesses a familiarity with the thought processes of the Registrar’s office which contribute to the company’s efficiency in dealing with IP woes.

For more information: www.teeip.com


DAHAN TECH, is a leading consultant company focusing in an Printed & Organic Electronics Technology, scientific research and laboratory equipment set-up  for R&D sector in Malaysia. It is registered with Malaysia Minister of Finance (MOF) and hold the 'Bumiputra' status since 2005.

For more information: www.dahantech.com


Graphene 3D Lab offers a full spectrum of cutting edge graphene products. We manufacture graphene- enhanced functional thermoplastic materials for 3D printing and advanced thermoset adhesives. Furthermore, we also offer graphene nanoplatelets in powder form and premixed with polymer as high load master batches. Custom formulations of graphene materials in both thermoset and thermoplastic matrices can be produced to match customer needs.

3D printing materials: Our product line includes a wide variety of filaments such as Conductive Graphene Filament, a highly conductive material designed for 3D printing circuitry and sensor applications; Graphene HIPS, a hi-tech engineered FDM material enhanced with graphene for high precision 3D printing to name a few. Our 3D Printing materials are sold under Black Magic 3D trademark and can be purchased directly at www.blackmagic3d.com and through distribution network.

Adhesives (Epoxies): Graphene 3D Lab offers G6-EpoxyTM product line of high-performance epoxies for bonding, sealing and coating purposes. For non-metallic electrically conductive adhesives, we offer a proprietary mix of high-performance carbon filler to the epoxy resulting in excellent electrical properties. Additionally, we offer proprietary silver/graphene formulations that have a significantly lower silver content, while still providing similar levels of conductivity G6-EpoxyTM epoxies can be purchased directly at www.g6-epoxy.com and through distribution network.

R&D Products: Graphene Supermarket (www.graphene-supermarket.com), an e-commerce platform owned by Graphene 3D Lab offers the world's largest selection of graphene and other 2D based R&D materials. Product selection includes graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide in powder or solution form; CVD grown graphene transferred onto substrates such as silicon dioxide, glass and quartz; graphene on TEM grids, graphene aerogels and foams; and graphene film on silicon carbide. All materials can be customized and bulk quantities can be manufactured on demand.

For more information: www.graphene3dlab.com

Penchem is a wholly owned Malaysian manufacturer that is humble in its roots and believes in its people and their greatness in achieving finest of innovation. We design and manufacture advanced materials for electronic and automotive industries. We are located in Penang, Malaysia a strategic location to serve customers in the Far East, Europe and the USA since 1999.

Our depth of innovation has deepened and flourished into superior solutions with a versatile range of advanced material products. These includes LED encapsulation silicones, LED epoxies, thermal conductive materials, silver electrical conductive pastes, fast cure UV adhesives and customized products.

Our tailor-made solutions are high in quality and formulated fast, keeping customer satisfaction in heart and creating value for money. Just like our solutions, we have strong bonds with our customers by establishing a lasting long-term partnership with them. Therefore, we strive to provide equal standards of services to all business sizes; no order is ever too small for us. We have the confidence that our customers and their projects will continuously grow.

For more information: www.penchem.com

IDC Group of Companies is a leader in providing the world’s only all-in-one, eco-friendly, concrete strengthened, waterproofing, weatherproofing solution with Hexa Matrix Technology and also value-added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process. IDC's pledge is to establish lasting relationships with the customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining the trust through exceptional performance by IDC proprietary solutions and every members of the construction team. IDC will strive to implement a long term relationship with the clients, based on safety, quality, timely service and an anticipation of their needs. To help fulfill this mission, IDC will treat all employees fairly and involve them in the quality improvement process to ensure responsiveness and cost effective work execution.